Comparative Analysis of High Technology Exports and Selected Innovation Indicators for Serbia and CEE Countries

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Darko Marjanović
Deniz Ahmetagić
Isidora Beraha


The article reports on comparative analysis of high technology exports and selected innovation indicators for Serbia and three CEE countries – Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria for the 2011-2015 period, with an aim to provide an insight on the innovation potential of Serbia. The analysis is based on data publicly available at Eurostat and the Global Innovation Index rankings. The selection of countries for country comparison is based on many similarities such as historical circumstances and geographical position. HTP exports are exports of high technology products as a share of total exports.  As for innovation indicators, the article considers the Global Innovation Index (GII) which provides metrics about innovation performance of countries and economies, as well as values of selected inputs contained in the innovation pillar of the GII such as costs, R&D investment (total by sector) and number of researchers (in total and by sector). The analysis shows that there are considerable differences between Serbia and the three CEE countries. The analysis results are divided into three groups according to impact on the HTP export. The first group refers to innovation indicators with significant impact on HTP exports such as GDP, number of researchers, the GII rank and R&D costs in the business enterprise sector. The second group are innovation indicators with significant impact on HTP export such as total R&D costs, and finally the third group are innovation indicators with little impact on HTP export.

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