Characteristics of Marketing Communication Strategy of a Small Enterprise

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Marija Lazarević-Moravčević


The subject of this paper is the analysis of the characteristics of the market communication strategy used by small businesses. The aim of the paper is to highlight the importance of modern information technology in market communication, that is, to emphasize its role in creating effective solutions for promotional activity of small organizations. The study assumes that, due to certain resource constraints, small businesses are forced to create unique approaches to communicating with the market and, in the process, rely primarily on the resources they have in abundance - creativity and innovation. Desk-research method was used in the paper, primarily analyzing papers and publications from scientific journals and other professional literature in the field of marketing, as well as official data, databases and reports of relevant institutions. Pointing to the basic advantages achieved by applying modern forms of market communication, the paper could contribute to the improvement of the market communication practice of smaller business systems

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