Customer Experience and Integrated Marketing Communication in the Automotive Lubricants Market

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Tatjana Cvetkov-Čikošev
Ivana Domazet
Valentina Vukmirović


With the advent of new digital communication channels, the use of media for marketing purposes is changing dynamically and fundamentally. Also, the manners of using different media sources in order to obtain the requested information are diversified, which inevitably affects when, where and in what way potential customers choose certain brands. Accordingly, the aim of this paper is to identify the way in which customer makes the decision to purchase and consume a particular brand. This implies analyzing the key points of contact between the brand and customers, which leads to the desired profitability of the behavior of targeted customers. This paper presents the results of a research conducted in 2018, within the relevant group of respondents, for the automotive oil and lubricant industry and the observed brand Nisotec. The obtained results indicated the complexity of the decision-making process of targeted customers, because they differ in the manner and degree of traditional and digital media use, customer behavior and attitude towards the industry and other interests, which conditions the brand response in terms of creating an optimal strategy of integrated marketing communications.

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