Design and packaging: An important factor in consumer behavior when buying juices

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Merima Činjarević
Emir Agić
Enisa Dizdarević
Adi Alić
Muamer Halilbašić


The primary purpose of this research is to investigate the consumers’ implicit taste associations (sweetness. freshness, and naturalness) towards the color of product packaging in the context of the non-alcoholic beverage product category – orange juice. Moreover, the current research aims to assess how incongruity, as opposed to congruity, between the color package and product color-code/norm may shape a consumer's evaluation (liking/disliking) of a product. The findings indicate that green appears to be the color that would lead to the highest perception of freshness and naturalness. In contrast, grey is the color implicitly associated with artificial flavors and perceived to be stale. The results of this study do not provide evidence for the existence of color/taste correspondences in terms of perceived sweetness. Also, findings suggest that incongruent (atypical) color package – white, might lead to more favorable consumer attitudinal responses than the product’s color-code package – orange. The current research offers relevant insights for both researchers and practitioners.

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