Organizational Change and Improvement Performance of Companies

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Slobodan Župljanin
Mladenka Balaban


Changes are now a reality faced by all organizations, wherever they were, and no matter which activity dealt with. Changes are only a certain constant in all business activities of today's enterprises. Modern organizations must be empowered to develop specific competencies for quality change management, because only in this way, organizations can improve their business performance and stay "in the game" at all on a turbulent global market. The main research objective of this paper is to demonstrate how change management process can affect the performance improvement of business operations and thus make the company competitive. Competitive advantage is the most important competitive advantage of each company, and its achievement, in terms of global change significantly conditioned by creating appropriate models of change management. This work is, in essence, and deals with issues of organizational change, in response to the changes that come from the environment, or by creating an appropriate model of change management as an important prerequisite to improve the business performance of enterprises, which are the guarantee of the survival of the company in a dynamic and turbulent global market.

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