A proposal of the model of international marketing research as information basis in game theory

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Vedran Stanetić


Analyzing the theory of games it can be noticed that the moves and strategy of the players are not sufficiently based on the relevant information. Most often, the only information that game strategy methodologists advocate is rationality, which certainly does not have to be the case in all games. In addition, the greater practical representation of game theory is avoided by the numerous assumptions and limitations set by the particular model of a particular game, and whose practical foundation does not always have to be realistic.

An interdisciplinary combination of international marketing research and game theory would create a new quality for one and the other discipline. However, the biggest benefit would be for business or marketing decision makers, especially in industrial marketing. The aim of the paper is to present a new model that, in conditions of globalized business, will provide information support from the international market for business decision making using the theory of games. The proposed model is in the form of an information system for international marketing research in support of business decision-making.

The first part of the paper is devoted to the analysis of game theory, in particular the analysis of assumptions and limitations for its greater practical application. A model that would partially overcome the described problems is proposed in the second part of the paper. The methodology used in the paper is also characteristic of marketing research and game theory.

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