The Development and Implementation of the Integrated Marketing Communications Concept

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Tatjana Cvetkov Čikošev


Understanding consumers’ needs implies creating adequate offering, which leads to good and sustainable relations over time. Consumers, under the influence of (new) technologies change their habits, attitudes and behavior in usage of certain product or service as well as the way they communicate. The objective of this paper is to analyze the effects of created communication on brand through developing IMC model. Taking into account consumers’ demographic structure, not only the points at their path to purchase, usage or recommendation, the effects among different groups will be analyzed. Questions that are important for this paper are about awareness of brands in the category, noticeablity of certain ways of communication, and the influence of that communication on behavior is measured. The ultimate goal of every communication is sales and repeated sales, but in that process potential users should be introduced to brand, create need and want to use that brands, to be satisfied, loyal and be it’s ambassadors. Beside usage of the results of primary research, desk method of collecting and analyzing is also used, in order to have detailed insight of certain aspects that are related to the objective of this paper. The results of conducted research indicate that implementation of integrated marketing communications leads to additional sale and better brand positioning, as well as company positioning in the market. Additionally, effective integrated communications positively influence brand positioning and consumers ‘satisfaction is in positive relation with repeated purchase of the brand. 

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