A Literature Survey of the Environmental Kuznets Curve

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Petar Mitić
Milena Kresoja
Jelena Minović


Since the 1970s, the issue of environmental degradation has received considerable attention. Environmental Kuznets curve is one of the most well-known hypotheses that explains the relationship between economic growth and environmental pollution. It represents an important model that enables policymakers to deliver quality information-based decisions. In this paper we provide the theoretical framework of the Environmental Kuznets curve and examine existing literature on the EKC hypothesis. The systematic literary survey includes studies conducted for single countries as well as for group of countries. The most of the studies were testing empirically existence of inverted U-shaped relationship between economic growth and carbon dioxide emissions. Due to the chosen time period, set of independent variables and methodological framework, the results are inconclusive in nature, which is consistent with previous literature surveys on the same topic.

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