Analysis of Cooperation Between Science and Business in the Function of Improving the Effectiveness of the Republic of Serbia Economic Growth

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Ivan Stošić
Duško Bodroža
Mihajlo Đukić


The subject of this paper is the analysis of cooperation between science and business in the Republic of Serbia. The main goal of the paper is to identify the level of cooperation, the achieved results and the scientific areas in which the cooperation is being carried out, through the analysis of the current state of cooperation between science and business. The paper should serve as the starting point for future research, where the effects of profitability of investments in science at macro and micro level will be evaluated. The analysis used the official data on the achieved results in scientific research activities from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, and data from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. The obtained results showed that Serbia has a potential in the science sector, but that it is not sufficiently used by the economy since researchers focus exclusively on the production of scientific work.

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