Values of Entrepreneurs and Supervisors and Their Socio-professional Identity Gender Dimension

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Guzel Ilyasovna Seletkova
Eugeniia Andreevna Lazukova
Vasilij Nikolaevich Stegnii
Karina Vladimirovna Tulieva


The questions about top-priority values, the connection of values with the socio-professional identity and self-estimation of the global success as well as the success of the professional experience were discovered on the basis of the research among the entrepreneurs and supervisors. Comparative analysis has shown gender specificities of the entrepreneurs’ value system, perception of life and business success and also the peculiarities of gender and socio-professional identities. On the basis of a large amount of entrepreneurs and supervisors’ data, the matrix of values was created, including innovative-cultural, family-conservative, educational-authoritative, hedonistic-prestigious and professional components. Besides, there were 5 clusters of values identified, among them are multivaluable (with the dominance of innovative-cultural component), monovaluable (family), professional-balanced, conservative-instrumental, conservative-ambitious. The values of the favorite work, the harmony with yourself and the communication are the most common values for the entrepreneurs. As for the supervisors well-being, authority in the community are the common values. Gender has a small influence on the dominant value clusters among the entrepreneurs, while among the supervisors there is no such influence at all. Women’s values have some particularities in the circumstances of the pandemic. Socio-professional identity slightly depends on the dominant value cluster of the individual, and the considered cluster itself is usually connected with the professional work experience. High estimation of life and professional success of the entrepreneurs, depends on the dominant values and is different among the representatives of the genders.

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