An Analysis of the Development of Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Serbia with a Special Focus on Female Entrepreneurship

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Snežana Radukić
Jelena Petrović


Entrepreneurship is a significant factor of the economic development of developed and transition countries. In the literature, special attention is paid to the entrepreneurship development and its impact on the economic growth and economic development of the transition countries. However, insufficient attention is paid to economic growth as a factor of the entrepreneurship development in transition countries. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the impact of economic growth on the entrepreneurship development in the Republic of Serbia and its regions. The results indicated that there is a statistically significant negative correlation between the gross domestic product (GDP) and the number of entrepreneurs as well as between GDP per capita and the number of entrepreneurs in the Republic of Serbia. Also, the results indicated that GDP per capita has a significant impact on the development of female entrepreneurship in the Republic of Serbia.

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Jelena Petrović, University of Niš, Faculty of Science and Mathematics

Department of Geography, Associate Professor